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Come out of the emotional intoxication and be YOURSELF.  Do not attempt to draw life from others, live the life that God gave you, it is ample and complete.  Let the heart be glad and free; rejoice in the thought of life and be happy. ~Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

There is One Power, One Mind, and that is the Mind of God. God is confidence, courage, trust, and freedom. I am One with God; therefore, I am confidence, courage, trust, and freedom. 

I am a unique and beautiful expression of God, and I am free to be my genuine and best self. I now release the belief that I must conform to impress others. As I express my true and best self, I attract people of like-mind and heart. I am blessed with unique attributes and talents, so I confidently let them shine. Each day, I have the courage and confidence to step out of my comfort zone, as the Universe supports me in pursing my desires. I love and accept myself as I am, so I love and accept others. I feel safe to share from my heart, and I support others in doing the same. My life is joyful and filled with blessings! 

How grateful I am for the confidence, courage, and freedom to be my best and true self. I give thanks for the inner trust that I embody right now. I release my word to the Law, knowing it is so. And so it is. Amen. 

Rev. Kathy Lyons

I Am a Unique Expression of Spirit

Spirit is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, and I am One with Spirit. I know this Truth at the core of my essence. My Spirit Consciousness continues to expand each and every day, as I recognize the Truth that I am the emanation of Spirit.
I know that my being is in the Light of Spirit, and it is from that place that I see with new eyes. I am in tune with the Divine, and it is from this place that I hear the wisdom of Spirit as it speaks to me and through me.

I am blessed with all the goodness of the Infinite including vision, intelligence, harmony and love.
I am at peace right here and right now as I embrace this knowledge. I rejoice as I listen with a beginner’s mind to the voice within. I celebrate my own unique God-self. I am one with the Light of Life. My consciousness grows deeper with each passing day. I release anything and everything that I identify as fear, as I step into a place of peace and knowing.

I accept my oneness with Divine Spirit with the intention of fully allowing It to use me in expressing the gift of life in beneficial ways for myself and for others. I let go of any doubt as I depend on Divine Principle for my good and my right activity. I allow Spirit’s full expression to make Itself known through me. I let my Spiritual practice followed by right action be my demonstration always. As I trust in the Presence of Spirit, the way before me is clear.

In gratitude for my clear perception and ever-increasing understanding of the Truth of Spirit, I release my word to the Law of Mind and accept its perfect manifestation. I let it be so. And so it is.

Kathryn Hack, R.Sc.P.

I Create My Highest Good

God is perfect unconditional love, casting out all fear and doubt. God is all that there is, ever was, or ever will be.  Omnipresent Substance in all through all and as all. Omnipotence, the only Power there is, was, or ever will be, besides whom there is no other seeming power or powers. Omniscience, and Intelligence that knows that it knows. God is all presence, all power, and all knowing. God is a Causeless Cause, which is Its own reason for being.​

​As a spiritual being, I am an individualized expression of God, exhibiting all characteristics of God on a miniature scale very much like the drop of water and how it relates to the ocean. The drop of water is still water on a smaller scale than the ocean.

I am unified in consciousness with God by virtue of the fact that God created us in Its likeness and image. I can never be separated from God (although judging by appearance, I may be falsely lead to believe otherwise).

I declare that despite what I think is my reality, I see my highest good unfolding. I remain focused on Spirit in the midst of the experience. By knowing only God, my highest good manifests.

I give thanks for Truth of the Word spoken during these trying times, knowing my Word does not return to me void.  I continually release my Word to the perfect activity of the Law.
And so it is.

Phil Pomare RScP

Treatment for Peace and Equanimity

“Don’t let the behaviors of others destroy your inner peace.” ~the Dalai Lama

I am one with Creation and That which is greater than I am, keeps a peaceful vigil within me today. I am gently guided and directed to speak from that space of calm and equanimity in my mind. My mind is clear and focused on kindness and compassion; I know and declare that the maintenance of my inner calm is my job today. My own behavior out-pictures  and demonstrates this evenness of Mind.

Today I enjoy the company of those who have softened their hearts and opened their minds. I stay joyful in the face of negativity and adversity for the behaviors of others is not my work; I am grateful for the generosity of Spirit which says “yes” to this heart’s desire to remain calm in the face of any storm. I am nurtured by this Generosity and It primes the pump for goodness and mercy to prevail. I am aligned and I am loved, and it is so very good!…and so it is…Amen

Rev. Jeanne Hoffman


“I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe. Thank you, Life.” ~Louise Hay

God is Beauty, Nature, and Divine Love. I open my heart to embrace the Oneness of God in action as my life flows with Calm, Ease, and the bounty of Nature.

Today is a Perfect Day filled with Love and Joy. With each breath, I breathe in Ease and Harmony. My life is Perfect and my path is clear. I let go of struggles and concerns and know I have many friends and family that Love and support me. I ask and I receive all my good. I give thanks for all my blessings and live in the overflow.

I open my heart and mind to new creative ideas to be in service to others. I see the world around me filled with kindness and I listen with a compassionate heart. I know there is Peace and Love in my global community and I see it reflected back to me with acts of compassion and kindness.

And with a Grateful Heart, I give thanks for my friends, family, and those that I sometimes struggle with. I am truly blessed and knowing all is complete and done, I release my words to the Universe.

And So It Is


Wayne McDonald RScP,