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Spiritual Cyberspace

“Mental Correspondents – The inner image in mind which balances the outer objectification of itself. Every objective thing has an inner mental correspondent.”~ Ernest Holmes

Have you noticed how, when searching online, ads will pop up on your Facebook feed or online that corresponds to that search? For instance, if I search for window blinds, I will get advertisements for window blinds.  I was looking for a new dress recently, and different sites that sold women’s clothing came up. Sometimes, this can be a good thing, as I’ve found good products that way. Other times, it is annoying.

What does this have to do with Science of Mind? Just like your online searches are tracked, our thoughts, beliefs, and focus gointo a sort of spiritual cyberspace the Law of Cause and Effect. As you think and believe, the thoughts go into the Universal Subjective Mind, or Law. Just like the advertisements that correspond to your searches, your mental thoughts create the “effect” of your experience. Ernest Holmes, author of The Science of Mind, calls this Mental Correspondents. 

The Law of Cause and Effect, like the internet, can be used in both a positive and negative way. There are positive and uplifting things online, and there are sites that generate fear. I can choose what I search.

My thoughts are similar – If I’m feeling and thinking that I’m worthy, that my life is good, and focus on what I desire, I will demonstrate that outcome. If I’m searching for window blinds, I will not get online ads for dresses. The same is with our thoughts. If I think that everything sucks, that nothing works out for me, that I’m too old, not good enough, etc., that’s what will “out-picture” in a proverbial Facebook page – my own life. 

Rev. Mike McMorrow says in his book, Blue Collar Spirituality, “Consistent mental focus over time demonstrates in our life… let’s make sure those thoughts are thoughts that warrant our attention are creative with the energy of dynamic inspiration and focus. 

This doesn’t mean that we don’t feel pain. Right now, this is a challenging time, where there is sadness, fear, anger, and loneliness. It’s okay to have feelings. Our Center is here to support you. We have practitioners available for prayer. Don’t hesitate to reach out. However, you don’t need to build a “condo” in pain city. It is one thing to have feelings and emotions, but it’s another to harbor self-defeating thoughts of lack, limitation, past mistakes or unworthiness. Rev. Mike also says in his bookIf you feel you are not worthy, you are unconsciously setting yourself up for a fall.

So, let you’re your thoughts and beliefs be like your online searches…positive and what you desire. 

Affirmation: I focus on the good things of life – love, health, prosperity, and creative expression.

Rev Kathy Lyons

The Garden of Life

“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.” – Karl Barth

As I walk through the Garden of Life, I embrace the Oneness of Love and Peace. I see God in action as the beauty of a flower. I breathe in the beauty of nature, and I breathe out disharmony. Gratitude is knowing I am one with God. 

Each day is joyful. Each smile is a gift. Each day I see the sunrise, is a moment to be grateful.

Today I fill my heart with Love. I live and breathe Joy into every cell of my body. Right now I let go of the past, I let go of the what-ifs of tomorrow, and in this now eternal moment I sit in gratitude for all my Good in my life. 

Although my days may have challenges, I choose to see them as learning moments and welcome the opportunity to learn and grow deeper with the Oneness of God. Life is Loving. Life is Abundant. Life is the warm sunshine of my shining soul.

With a very grateful heart, I give thanks for my friends, family, and spiritual community. I give thanks to those that share a warm smile. I give thanks for all the Beauty in my life.

Life is Great! With Joy and Love in my heart, I release my Word to Law and let it BE!

And So It IsAmen
Wayne McDonald RScP 

Season of Gratitude

“The months of November AND December ring in the season of Gratitude, allowing us to go deeper into our soul and express Gratitude in ways we have never done before. And so, I acknowledge Gratitude as a necessary Daily Spiritual Practice guided by Prayer.”

How Grateful I am to know that God is the I AM of ALL there is, nothing more, nothing less, all encompassing, all surrounding, all knowing, all Being.   

How Grateful I am that the I AM created me as a conduit so that God can fully express by means of me.

So as an ambassador for Gratitude I declare: That Gratitude far exceeds and over powers anything that may be negative in appearance. It sheds the Light through the Darkness.  Through sickness, poverty, even death, there is Gratitude.  There are blessings in disguise all over the planet and it is through Gratitude that we recognize these blessings.

Gratitude carries us through hard times and through good times, forcing us to remain centered and steadfast, knowing that God is our anchor in all, as all, through all. 

Gratitude brings us into alignment with our Spiritual Values, lifting our consciousness to a higher level.  Gratitude blesses us with joy. 

Gratitude connects us to our deep, personal relationship with God and Gratitudeconnects us with all of Humanity.    

I am so Grateful beyond words for this Truth, knowing it is absolutely so as I release this Sacred Word through Law and Love, knowing it is already done.

And so it is. Amen

Judy Duncklee RScP 


“Life lies open to me—rich, full, abundant.” … Ernest Holmes from Science of Mind , pg 305

I know that the living, loving presence of the all good of God is right here right now. It is fully expressing Itself as infinite possibly in every aspect of my life. 

It embraces me in such a way that I feel loved and nourished.  I am consciously aware that perfect health and wholeness is at the core of my being. I accept this in such a way that the Peace that passes understanding flows lovingly through me. Every aspect of my life is blessed by this goodness. I am healthy, I am joyous, I am prosperous, and I am free.

It is with deep, loving gratitude that I give thanks to God for these blessings. I accept them and just allow them to be by releasing my Word to Law.


Rosalie Bate RScP


“At all times, I am aware of my immediate Oneness with God … and the glory of my thought makes me immune to negative experiences … I desert fear and turn joyously to faith…I give thanks that I am Divine and that I know my Divinity.”   ~Ernest Holmes

It is wonderful indeed to recognize that GOD IS ALL THERE IS!  Love Intelligence is Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent.  IT is everywhere expressing Itself.  There is no spot where GOD is not!  I recognize it as the sun, the moon, and the stars … as the oceans, the mountains, the trees.  I recognize IT as ALL LIFE,  as ALL CREATION, as the entire manifest universe. 

And because I know it is everywhere present, I know that it is right where I AM.  My Life is the Life of God.  I AM a perfect and unique way that Infinite Intelligence is expressing itself.  How grateful I am to know that Spirit has recreated Itself out of Itself and named it me!

In this awareness, in this consciousness of oneness, I speak this word of Truth, accepting, announcing and declaring that ALL IS WELL!  I claim and accept that the universe is conspiring on my behalf for my highest good and all things are working together for perfect unfoldment in every aspect of Life!  I maintain an attitude of gratitude and recognize that everything, EVERYTHING, is a blessing.  Joy, peace, love, harmony, perfect health, abundance, prosperity, creativity, and the all good of GOD continue to flow to me and thru me in so much abundance and in such a way that there is no possibility that fear, doubt or worry can reside in my consciousness. 

And for this, I give thanks.  I remain thankful and grateful as I release this word to that aspect of Spirit known as Law, which always and ONLY says YES!!!!! 

So I know it is done, and I simply allow it to be. 

And so it is.  AMEN.   

Andrea Recht, RScP