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Oración para un Nuevo Comienzo

Qué maravilloso es reconocer que este es un nuevo comienzo y una oportunidad para abrazar la verdad de que hay una Vida quees perfecta, total y completa;  esta Vida está presente en todo lo visible e invisible;  Es la fuente del amor, la paz, la sabiduríainfinita, la plenitud y la abundancia y es la Creadora de todas las cosas;  esta Vida es Dios.

Qué maravilloso es afirmar que este día glorioso me ofrece un nuevo momento para recordar una vez más quién soy: unaexpresión divina de amor, paz, plenitud, abundancia y sabiduríainfinita;  para saber que todo lo que Dios es, yo soy. 

Qué maravilloso es reclamar la perfecci

n divina de este magnífico día que se desarrolla en mi vida como la experienciaperfecta del amor. 

Declarar que esta es también la verdadespiritual para cada persona en mi entorno, en mi familia, en mi comunidad y en el mundo entero. 

Creer firmemente que el Espíritu Divino está siempre trabajando en todos mis asuntos;  Soy un instrumento de Dios siempre al servicio del amor y la paz para mí y para los demás. 

Sé que mis acciones estánalineadas con pensamientos de bondad, generosidad y compasión en todo lo que hago. 

Gratitud y solo gratitud me rodea en este momento presente.  Sé que soy infinitamente bendecida porque siempre se da de acuerdo a mi creencia..  Doy gracias por este nuevo comienzo.  ¡Con Amor todo es posible! 

¡Gracias Dios!

Y así es!  

Ninoska Dueñas RScP

A Prayer for a New Beginning 

How wonderful it is to recognize that this is a new beginning and an opportunity to embrace the truth that there is a Life that is perfect whole and complete; this Life is present in everything visible and invisible; It is is the source of love, peace, infinite wisdom, wholeness and abundance and it is the creator of all things; this Life is God.

How wonderful it is to affirm that this  glorious day offers me a new moment to remember once more who I am – a divine expression of love, peace, wholeness, abundance and infinite wisdom; to know that all that God is, I am.

How wonderful it is to claim the divine perfection of this magnificent day unfolding in my life as the perfect experience of love.  To declare that this is also the spiritual truth for each person in my environment, in my family, in my community and in the entire world. To firmly believe that Divine Spirit is always at work in all of my affairs; I am an instrument of God always in service of love and peace for myself and others. I know that my actions are in alignment with thoughts of kindness, generosity and compassion in everything that I do.

Gratitude and only gratitude surrounds me in this present moment. I know that I am infinitely blessed as it is always done as I believe. I give thanks for this new beginning. With Love, all things are possible!

Thanks be to God!

 And so it is!

Ninoska Dueñas RScP

Blessings for 2021

“Set aside definite time every day and speak forth bold words of good, describing your life as you want it to be. Such a practice can work miracles in your life.” ~Catherine Ponder, Open Your Mind to Receive.

I recognize that there is One Power, One Presence, and I choose to call that God. God is love, health, wealth, creativity, peace, and guidance. I am One with God; therefore, I am love, health, wealth, creativity, peace, and guidance.

I affirm that the 2021 is a Perfect and Complete idea in the Mind of God. I am now ready, willing, and eager to accept new blessings into my life. I make a list of my desires and goals for 2021, be it loving relationships, perfect health, creative expression or a new career, or financial prosperity. I visualize it, as well as embody the feeling, and welcome it into my life. I am loving and friendly, so I attract loving relationships and friends into my life. I accept perfect health, and I am guided to whatever I need to experience a healthy life. I am worthy of financial wisdom, freedom, and wealth. If I desire a new career, I declare that “I am doing wonderful work for wonderful pay, and I render my service in a wonderful way” (Florence Scovel Shin). 

Also, I declare that this planet is healed and whole. Everyone, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, spiritual path, sexual orientation is living peacefully and harmoniously. It is a world that works for everyone. 

How grateful I am for the blessings in my life right now. I give thanks for my perfect health, abundant wealth, financial freedom, peace, and guidance. I have deep appreciation and gratitude that it is now a world that works for everyone. I release my word to the Law, knowing it is so. 

And so it is. 


Rev. Kathy Lyons

The Law of Giving and Receiving

“God cannot give us anything unless we are in the mental condition to receive the gift.” ~Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, Page 470 

The Holidays are here again, which means exchanging gifts, so the Law of Giving and Receiving takes place. Generous giving is emphasized, but it is equally important to be a cheerful and appreciative receiver. There must be a balance of giving and receiving.  

A cheerful receiver is not the same as a taker. I had a relative who was a taker. He was financially well off, but very stingy. He would go to lunch with my mother, and at the end of the meal, announce that he forgot his cash and credit card. He was financially wealthy, but had few friends, and when he died, he didn’t take the money with him. 

Then, there’s the other extreme. Have you ever known someone who always insisted on paying, never allowing you to reciprocate, and wouldn’t accept a gift graciously? “Oh, you don’t need to spend money on me, don’t go to the trouble, etc.” This can be equally frustrating, as it deprives the giver the joy of giving. It is also patronizing. In a healthy relationship, there is a balance of giving and receiving. 

When giving material gifts, I believe it’s the thought, not the monetary value, that is important. The gift of love, friendship, and community service is also part of the Holiday Spirit. This year, many people are alone. Reach out and keep in touch with friends by phone, Facetime, or Zoom, instead of the impersonal texting or emails. Also, accept love and friendship from others. 

Give yourself special gift as well. Each Christmas, I treat myself to something healthy and self-nurturing, such as a massage (not possible this year with social distancing), a new outfit, nature walk, or inspiring book (i.e., Rev. Mike’s Blue Collar Spirituality), or a personal development class (CSL-Granada Hills has great classes available online). 

This season let the Law of Circulation flow – be a generous giver and a cheerful receiver. Give lovingly and receive joyfully. 

A joyful and healthy Holiday to all!

Rev Kathy Lyons

Spiritual Mind Treatment is a Pathway of Light

“If a spiritual treatment could be seen (and a spiritual treatment merely means the mind unifying with Good) it would be seen as a pathway of  light.” ~Ernest Holmes

In absolute gratitude, I embrace the Light, feeling the Oneness with my Divine Source, the Infinite Light! This Light illuminates my  consciousness, my soul, my life… as well as everything in this world and  beyond! 

It is indwelling and as I know the Infinite Light to be unlimited, so I too… open myself up to unlimited Consciousness, Love, Health, Prosperity and, of course, in unifying with the Good.

The pathway of Light is my unlimited highway! It takes me to insights  and places I didn’t even know existed! I can always easily access this  loving embracing pathway of Light! As I speak my prayers (treatments) I feel the expansiveness.

The inspiration of God… seeks its outlet as me. Ideas of creativity, love  and joy bubble up in me continuously, and what I feel is mine to do and  that feeds my soul… I embark on.

With Love, Gratitude and Harmony, I embrace this Holiday season, knowing it is different and in many ways more Peaceful than ever  before. I allow the Light to carry me in to the New Year with safety, not having to do anything except feeling the Oneness and the Peace.

I release my word to Divine Law, knowing it is already done. 

And So It Is. Amen.

Agneta Bylund RScP

Divine Right Housing for All

“You govern your surroundings by the nature of what is taking place in your consciousness.” ~Joel Goldsmith from The Foundation of Mysticism

There is only One Infinite Source of Power and Presence. It is All Knowing Intelligence besides which there is no contrary intelligence to oppose it. God is everywhere present in and through all of creation. All Substance, All Source, All Supply creating and maintaining everything through self contemplation. It is All Unconditional Love working through Perfect Law, casting out all doubt and fear.

I am an individualized expression of The Infinite Source of All Being, of all that there is, was, or ever will be. One with The Infinite Intelligent Spirit of the Universe, which is The One Consciousness responsible for all form. I AM Divine Incarnation manifested into form.

I realize Perfect Divine Right Action regarding our housing situation and all that that entails. Though we may be faced with many legal challenges regarding our housing and may be tempted to judge by appearances and all that the senses are tempting us to believe about our current housing situation, I know there is a Higher Intelligence governing and guiding me through Perfect Divine Right Action. All that is necessary for the perfect unfoldment of our highest good surrounding our Housing comes forth with a sense of ease and grace for it is the realization of God Consciousness that goes before us to make the crooked places straight in all things. I realize God and only God as our Substance, Supply, and Support.

I give thanks for the Word spoken, knowing it will not return to us void. I release my Word to the perfect Law of Mind and so it is.


Phil Pomare RScP