From the Reverend

Welcome to Your Spiritual Journey

Message from Rev. Michael McMorrow

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome at the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills.your spiritual journey by Rev Mike Mcmorrow

In the grand scheme of things, Life gives back to us what we give to It. Ernest Holmes, the author of the Science of Mind, taught that we choose our own good. He goes on to say that “the primary fact is that most of us desire even greater good health, money, harmony, better business, greater supply, different and better employment.”

Holmes’ Science of Mind philosophy teaches us how to get it all. First, we must understand the creative process and how it works in our lives.

The Science of Mind philosophy teaches us that we live in an abundant and prosperous universe and that God is the unlimited source and substance of our supply. According to Science of Mind, speaking this Truth it make it true in our lives. For some of us this is true, and for many, many more, it is not yet their truth.

“Yes!” is the answer for some, because prosperity is what we’ve decided to experience at a deep, subjective level. We believe we are prosperous, and that is what we experience. For  others, for some reason, we have chosen lack and limitation. The same neutral and impartial Law that manifests prosperity for those who believe in it, manifests lack and limitation for those who believe in lack and limitation! Our thoughts and beliefs manifest as our experience. This is the creative process, and it works whether you have positive or not-so-positive thoughts.

So, why not choose the positive, life-enhancing way?

Please let us know what we can do to further assist your spiritual journey. We welcome your visit to our “Center with a Heart” for Sunday or Wednesday services, for our classes, workshops and concerts, as well as office hours Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 5:00. My door is always open. Email us or call our Center at 1-818-363-8136.

Welcome Home.