Annual Pet Memorial Service on August 9, 2014

Pet MemorialThis year’s annual Pet Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, August 9th, at 1 PM in the sanctuary.

Join us for this special memorial service, honoring all pets and pet owners, facilitated by Revs Kathy Lyons and Jessica Fish.

According to Rev. Kathy, “We have regular Animal Kinship Ministry meetings on the 2nd Saturday each month, but our annual service is more focused. We’ve found this helps many pet owners who never had a venue or a place to go to grieve the loss of their pet and have been grieving in silence for years.”

Pet owners are welcome to bring photos of their pets, share their love and (if appropriate) memories of a pet who has made their transition. We have an altar for the pet photos, and people can come to share in more detail what their pet meant to them and share their grief. Each person can share if they want to or just listen. The service will include prayer and meditation.

For more information about our Pet Memorial Service or the Animal Kinship Ministry at our Center, visit our webpage or contact Rev. Kathy Lyons by email or call her at 818-891-6933.

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