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Memorial Day 2020

As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, we prepare to honor all our loved ones, the ones who are still in human form and the ones who are on the other side of the veil. This is always a very sacred time for me as I honor my late husband who died many years ago close to this Holiday.

But now on a much bigger scale, I think of all those who deserve our love and respect. Memorial Day is the day we honor those who sacrificed their lives for our country. Now we have soldiers of all kinds sacrificing their safety to care for others and soldiers who have lost their fight through the current condition known as the COVID19.

So what I know about this COVID 19 Human Experience is that in the midst of all the sickness, deaths, isolations and financial concerns, there is God and only God and only God! God is the Eternality Of ALL LIFE!

As vessels for God, we rise up in the midst of this crisis, put our egos and our fears aside and represent God and only God.

So as a voice for God I speak my word for all mankind, all around the world. I see healing and transformation everywhere. I see growth of spiritual awareness, of kindness, of generousity in every corner of the Earth. I compassionately embrace those hurting so badly for the loss of their loved ones, declaring peace and comfort for them. I humbly encourage those recovering in hospitals, nursing homes and private dwellings to connect with their divine wholeness for Perfect Healing and to know they are NOT alone. I sweetly whisper serenity to those isolating in their homes knowing they are secure and safe.

This is a rich Universe with enough to take care of everyone, so all needs are met in time and on time. The beloved of God is in each and every one of us, renewing, revalitaizing, empowering all of us to move through this experience with grace, trust and faith. We joyfully welcome the end of the darkness as we once again dance in the Light. And we remember, God Is Eternal and therefore, so are We!

How grateful I am for the revelation of this Truth. I release this Sacred Word into the Loving Law of Mind.

And so it is. Amen

Judy Duncklee, RScP

Spiritual Mind Treatment, May 17, 2020

“I live in the faith that there is a Presence and Power greater than I am that nurtures and supports me in ways I could not even imagine. I know that this Presence is All knowing and All Power and is Always right where I am”   ~Ernest Holmes

How very wonderful it is to know that GOD IS and GOD IS ALL THERE IS.  I AM so grateful to know that Infinite Intelligence is expressing Itself as the entire manifest universe … It is everywhere, Omnipresent; It is All Knowing, Omniscient; It is all powerful, Omnipotent. And It is always creating more of Itself, out of Itself, for Its own fulfillment. 

And because I know that Spirit is everywhere, I know that It is right where I AM.  I know that It is who and what I AM, life in perfect expression! My life is the life of God.  There is no separation, no place where God stops and I start, no boundaries, no otherness.  Only Spirit in full and Divine Expression as my life. 

From this consciousness of Oneness, I speak my word, announcing and declaring that all is well with every aspect of Life.  I know that I AM nurtured and supported in ways that I cannot even fully comprehend, and that Divine Order flows thru every aspect of Life.  There is a pattern of perfection at the center of every experience, every idea, everything.  I AM divinely guided at all times.  I know perfect health, perfect relationships, absolute abundance, joy, peace, wholeness, and the all good of Spirit is right where I AM, always, and in all ways.  All is well; my faith is strong.  I know this for the entire Universe.  Everything is unfolding in absolute perfect order. 

And for this, and so much more than mere words can express, I remain eternally grateful and always thankful, for EVERY THING, no matter how it looks, because GOD IS ALL THERE IS. 

I release this word to the LAW, which always and only says YES!  It is done.  It is so.

And so it is!  Amen

Andrea Recht, RSCP

Spiritual Mind Treatment, May 10, 2020

“The Power within blesses all” ~ Ernest Holmes Science of Mind, p. 530

Life is One

Life is whole and perfect

Life is good and generous

Life always provides

Life is kindness and compassion

Life is the presence of love 

Love is the essence of life

Life is what I am

 inseparably One with life!

A unique expression of love

I am all that Life is

Today, I affirm that the power of God within me blessess all

Today, I embrace the practice of generosity and kindness 

Today, I accept that everything around me is in divine order despite the appearances

Today, I proclaim my oneness with everyone I come in contact with 

Today, I consciously practice the presence of Love

Today, I express gratitude for every moment of my existence 

Today, I contribute to the healing of the world through the power of my words and actions  of love

Today, I declare that love guides me in the path of  life

Today I give thanks for knowing the truth that there is a power within me that blessess all

Thank you Life!

Thank you God!

And so it is!

“El Poder dentro de mi bendice todo”, Ernest Holmes, Ciencia de la Mente, p.530

La Vida es Una

La vida es plena y perfecta 

La vida es buena y generosa

La vida siempre provee

La vida es bondad y compasión 

La vida es la presencia del amor 

El amor es la esencia de la vida

Vida es lo que soy

Inseparablemente Una con la vida!

Una expresión única del amor

Soy todo lo que la vida es 

Hoy, afirmo que el poder de Dios bendice todo

Hoy, abrazo la práctica de la generosidad y la bondad

Hoy, acepto que todo alrededor de mí está en orden divino a pesar de las apariencias 

Hoy, proclamo  mi unicidad con todo aquel que entra en contacto conmigo 

Hoy, conscientemente practico la presencia del amor

Hoy, expreso gratitud por cada experiencia de mi existencia 

Hoy, contribuyo a la sanación del mundo a través del poder de mis palabras y actos de amor

Hoy, declaro que el amor me guía en este camino de la vida

Hoy, doy gracias por saber la verdad de que hay un poder dentro de mí que bendice todo

Gracias Vida!!

Gracias Dios!

Y Así es!

Ninoska Duenas, RScP

Spiritual Mind Treatment, May 3, 2020


“There is a real you, which lives in a real God, and the two

  are one. To know this is to understand the secret of Life.

  To realize this is to understand your relationship with

  the Divine Presence.”  

                                                            Ernest Holmes


I know right now that God is the only Life there is. I now consciously release identification with all stories and conditions. I stand in Present alignment with the deeper “Is-ness.”  The I Am.

I am so grateful for the simplicity of Being. Knowing Oneness my heart is open and I am filled with assurance and Grace. I accept the Flow of Life and all of Its abundant gifts.

Wisdom, Love and Gratitude fill my mind, my heart and my experience of life. I listen within and I am guided

In wholeness; right action.  I am a vessel for God’s Infinite Goodness. I am free in my expression of Love.

In gratitude for the now experience of Infinite Peace, Love, Harmony and Well Being.  I release my word to the

Law of Mind knowing it is already so.

And so it is!

Suzanne Jensen  RScP  

Spiritual Mind Treatment, April 26, 2020

“In the beginning was the word and the word was with God: and all things were made by the word, and without the word was not anything made that was made. God is Spirit: that the action of Spirit upon itself produces creation: that man is a complement of the Universe, an incarnation of the universe, partaking of the same nature. ” ~Ernest Holmes

There is an Infinite Source everywhere present; simply God. This loving presence In-dwells within me as me. The inner power of life within me is God, and God is all power. My eyes see the complete perfection in all creation in and through all things. I see only wholeness. Today I enter the consciousness of abundance and plenty.

I know that the realization of life and love within me uplifts me, and I know freedom and the sweet harmony of life. I align to the voice within that speaks to me of life, love and oneness. I am uplifted to the wonders of the wholeness of the universe that is mine. I see with my eyes everywhere my good. It is right here and right now. I accept it, believe it; know and live it.

I know only the perfect and complete. I rejoice in my awareness of perfect wholeness and let life enter and live through me, and rejoice that the perfect whole is reflected through me. The circle of love is complete.

My good is being fulfilled right now. I give thanks for the fulfillment of this truth now. With absolute faith I release it and let it be. And, so it is!  

Sherry Gideons