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Candlelight Pet Memorials at Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park

Candlelight Pet Memorials

Candlelight Pet Memorials are facilitated by The Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills on the last Saturday of the month in Calabasas, California.

Have you lost a beloved pet, either recently or long ago?

Join other pet “parents” as we gather to remember and mourn our beloved animals. The Candlelight Pet Memorials are facilitated by Reverend Kathy Lyons, pet lover and parent, and founder of the Animal Ministry at CSLGH!

For many people, pets are family members. Some pet parents and their families experience an overwhelming sense of grief for their pet. Friends and family may not understand or have compassion for this grief and may dismiss or discount it. The CSLGH Animal Ministry supports the belief that all animals are sentient beings as well as the belief that some have that animals have an afterlife. Our ministers and practitioners provide Affirmative Prayer Treatment for anyone who is in pain or needs healing.

At the Pet Memorials we gather together to:

  • share stories, pictures and fond memories of your beloved pet
  • meet other pet parents and support one another
  • be amongst others in the same situation to ease your pain

Candlelight Pet Memorials Detail:

Light refreshments will be served. Feel free to bring food, snacks, and beverages.

Time: We meet at 3 PM, rain or shine.

The location for the Candlelight Pet Memorials is the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park in Calabasas. We meet rain or shine! The Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park is tucked away behind some office buildings that front Ventura Boulevard. Get directions for the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park.

Donation: $6.00 for one candle or four for $20.00.

Pet MEmorials facilitator

Rev. Kathy Lyons

The monthly Candlelight Pet Memorial is facilitated by Reverend Kathy Lyons. Call our Center for more information at 1-818-363-8136.

Our animal ministry meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 1 PM at our Center in Granada Hills. Get more information about the CSLGH Animal Ministry here.

We Love Our Volunteers!

We Love Our Volunteers!

There are so many people at CSLGranada Hills, who give so lovingly of their time, talent and treasure. Meg Donohue is Seva Coordinator this year and has gathered together a team who contribute each Sunday morning (and evening and Wednesday and at the office, etc., etc., etc.). When something is needed, someone is there.

Rev. Betsy Haas Hartman recently volunteered to be Fund Raising Chair (BIG Job!). Her first efforts are (1) The Wolf Wisdom workshop on September 19th; (2) A drawing for a week in Lake Tahoe (lovingly donated by Glenn and Jeannie Starrett) with a second prize of two nights at a condo (lovingly donated by Nancy Walper). We can only guess at what she’ll come up with next.

From John Sparks who does things like replace air conditioning filters and water faucet filters (yes, we have filtered water in the kitchen) to Sue Scheid and Betty Lou Mayer who put together the Sunday programs; from the Sunday ushers and greeters to the accredited class instructors; from Rev. Tricia Klink who works with the T’ween team teachers to Rev. Nancy Woods who works with the Teen teachers; from the Teens themselves who put on a fabulous pancake breakfast every fourth Sunday; from Michael Carlin who heads the audio/visual volunteers to the Visioning team; we have a well-run team of people on whom we can rely.

If you have ever wondered how you can help, speak to Meg Donohue. Right now, she is looking for someone who can coordinate people to provide refreshments on Sunday mornings. Like to shop? Like to make menus? Like to clean up kitchens? This may be the job for you. Our folks will LOVE you!

Samaritan Fund

Samaritan Fund

Did you know that your Board of Trustees established a fund several years ago for the sole purpose of helping out members who might have a temporary financial need? The Samaritan Fund has helped a number of people in past years, but has been dormant until recently. This is a good thing. It means that our members realize that God is their Source and have no need for financial assistance.

However, a recent request for help made me wonder just how many people are aware of this channel of good. It also prompted a realization that there is a need to fuel the fund with additional cash flow.

The Samaritan Fund was established for members of the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills. Most requests have been for $200 or less, but occasionally larger amounts are granted. Requests are kept confidential and only the pastor and fund administrator (in this case, Board President Barbara Harrison) will be aware of the request. Grantees are encouraged to pay back the money when their income has increased to allow this. This is their way to pay it forward. The pastor will treat for the recipient’s prosperity.

If you are feeling financially prosperous at this time, please consider donating to the Samaritan Fund, knowing that your prosperity will assist someone who is experiencing temporary financial need.