3 thoughts on “Reflections on Fatherhood: Finding Your Own Path to Love

  1. Barbara

    Great blog. And your talk this morning, which included the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters of those killed in South Carolina, was compassionate, pertinent, and right on. Thank you, Rev. Mike.

  2. Viveka

    Great blog, Rev. Enjoyed learning more about your story and appreciated your pointing out that each person has to go through their own unfoldment and their personal challenges, quests, explorations on their own. Like your father, I have wondered if it was me. Or at least I have taken it personally myself when the young people in my life were in a dark place, moody, discouraged, or have had to set foot on their own and figure things out. Even though they are on far more solid footing than I was at their age, I worry. But, I try to remember that back then I never meant to diminish the people whose love was solid for me, and I did figure things out and land where I landed, far beyond where I thought I might. I do fret, but remind myself that when the young people in my life are figuring things out, they know I love them. And they will know that and it will ground them, just as it did me. Thanks for your great story and insights that help me all the time.


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