The Power of Decision Class

16711535571_1c86446b38_zThe universe is an arena of underlying Intelligence of life. It is our job to learn and increase our ability to use this Intelligence.

This 8-week class at the Center for Spiritual Living in Granada Hills, California is designed to empower students to reach independent decisions which enhance the quality of their lives.

Based on the powerful metaphysical classic, The Power of Decision, by Raymond Charles Barker, this course is valuable for both the new and experienced student.

The Power of Decision

What you will learn in the Power of Decision class:

  • Develop an awareness of the destructive aspects of indecision.
  • Help us to accept personal responsibility for our mental atmosphere.
  • Understand we are consciousness and, therefore, the cause to our experience.
  • Develop consciousness of happy.
  • Challenge our beliefs about limitation.
  • Enable us to expand into a greater consciousness of prosperity.
  • To create and develop and maintain excellent health.
  • Deepen our understanding of spiritual mind treatment.
  • Enable us to live lively, creatively, through an expanded consciousness.
  • Consolidate and confirm our grasp of the power of conscious decision.

This class runs for two and a half hours each week for eight weeks.

All classes are held in the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills Fellowship Hall. Some classes are also held in our classroom and in the sanctuary. Parking is in the parking lot directly behind the Center or on the street. If applicable, you may have to move your car in order to avoid a ticket.

For class prices, please see our Science of Mind tuition policy page.

Call the Center at 1-818-363-8136 to sign up or ask any questions you may have. You can buy the book on your own or purchase it through the Center. Payment for the class, book and any additional materials can be made by check or credit card.


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