Healing Support Group

Every 2nd Sunday of each month at 12:30 PM

Facilitator: Suzanne Jensen, R.Sc.P

Co Facilitator: Rev. Jessica Fish

Healing Support at CSLGHThe purpose of our Healing Ministry is to create an atmosphere of unconditional love, a safe sacred space for those in personal crises to process their emotional and spiritual issues.

“Man is in God and God in man.  Just as a drop of water is in the ocean while the ocean is the drop of water. A realization of the Presence of God is the most powerful healing agency known to the mind of man.” 

–Ernest Holmes

  • This process is more about revealing than healing.
  • We are already Divine beings; whole, perfect and complete.

Zen Sand Marsh EngleIf we experience anything to the contrary, it is because we have permitted our eyes to be veiled to the greatest Truth about our Divine nature.

Life can be difficult; and we need not suffer our way through it. The Science of Mind teaches that healing is about revealing old beliefs in limitation or suffering that no longer serve us.

We use Affirmative Prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment to engage Spirit to bridge the perceived gap between doubt and belief.  What is it we doubt? The idea “that we are one with the Father within” – at all times! In this way, we are already Divine beings; whole, perfect and complete.

Healing Support Group