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Prosperity Plus II bannerBack by popular demand, the Center for Spiritual Living presents Prosperity Plus II, a special program in which you can:

  • Create financial abundance in your life more easily
  • Better harness the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity
  • Increase your success while staying in alignment with your highest values and spiritual beliefs

Our most current Prosperity Plus class takes / took place on:

Thursday Evenings | July 9 – September 10, 2015 | 7 – 9 PM

If you’d like more abundance and prosperity in your life, join us for “Prosperity Plus: A New Way Of Living.” If you are reading this page and the class has already started, please contact our Center at 818-363-8136 to see if you can join the class. If the class has ended, please contact us about the next class and our other classes, programs and workshops!

What you will learn in Prosperity Plus II:

During This 10-Week Prosperity Plus II Course You Will Learn…

  •     What wealthy people have always known, and how to embed it in your own life
  •     The dangerous mind sets that silently sabotages most people’s success
  •     The principles prosperous people use that secures their ongoing and increasing success
  •     A proven method for dissolving any resistance you may have to prosperity so you can attract higher levels of results and abundance
  •     Simple, actionable steps that will bring you financial results immediately
  •     The one thing you must give up in order to realize your dream
  •     The three levers that govern the Law of Compensation and how to put them to work for you
  •     And much, much more!

Prosperity Plus II Materials

What Prosperity Plus Attendees Say About the Program….

What a great experience, I have enjoyed every minute. What a plus to have the CD’s to listen to. I had a “God Experience”…I lost my fear of Lack.
–Kaye Bowman

I felt so inspired! I learned so much for this program that as soon as it ended, I immediately signed up again. I had a huge breakthrough. I’ve been working on a project for over 20 years. This course gave me what I needed to finally finished the project and bring my dream to the world.
–Jay Gaysee, Ojai, CA

Participating in this class has opened doors for me that have been shut for some time now. Through tithing, unexpected income has been coming to me on a consistent basis getting me through each month where before I had no idea how I was going to manage. For example, my ex-husband had not been able to pay child support for over a year and a half. While I was enrolled in this class, he became able to pay. And my confidence has grown which is creating new opportunities. Thank you so much! I am grateful and feel very blessed.
– -Angela Garcia

I am so grateful and fortunate to have taken this journey in Prosperity Plus. I feel more positive, happy, and peaceful as a result of this class, and I’m more excited about my life (current and future) than I have been in many years. Yay! Professionally, I have gone from last place on the sales team to the “top writer” and it’s been my best 2 months since starting this job 3 years ago. I am eager to continue my “dream career” and develop my next vocational step. Thank you so much Mary for sharing your wisdom, and thank you to Unity for making the class possible.
— Claudia Johnson

Every single time I take one of these prosperity-focused classes and stick with the whole 10 weeks, I demonstrate hugely. Five years ago my loan modification came through reducing my monthly mortgage from $3,000 to $900. Last year I got a $3,000 gift out of the blue. I am so looking forward to seeing what shows up in the ten weeks of class this year!!!
-Rev. Jessica Fish

5 thoughts on “Prosperity Plus Granada Hills CA

    1. Jennifer Beever Post author

      Hi Nancy, the course materials provided by the Center cost us $49, and this is “re-covered” back to the Center on a voluntary basis when participants make donations as they experience and grow in prosperity. Hope to see you on Tuesday!

    1. Jennifer Beever Post author

      Hi Kathy,

      Please call 1-818-363-8136 to reserve your spot in the class, or visit the center and add your name to the sign-up sheet in Sparks Fellowship Hall. Thank you!

  1. Jessica

    This is my second time taking the Prosperity Plus 2 class after taking Prosperity Plus One 3 or 4 times. This is about the 11th class series I have taken on prosperity and wealth in the past 15 years. Why do I keep taking classes?

    It’s because I know a negative thought of lack cannot live in my mind at the same time as a positive abundant thought. When I take prosperity classes, I am consciously focused on positive prosperous thoughts. I am supported by my classmates to see abundance everywhere for 10 solid straight weeks. As I focus my attention on seeing more, more IS revealed. All day I strengthen my neural net vision to see more riches, more opulence, and more prosperity in my life.

    AND EVERY SINGLE TIME I take one of these prosperity focused classes and stick with the whole 10 weeks, I demonstrate HUGELY- 5 years ago my loan modification came through reducing my monthly mortgage from $3,000 to $900, last year I got a $3,000 gift out of the blue.

    I am so looking forward to seeing what shows up in the 10 weeks of class this year!!!


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