Spiral of Light Holiday Event

Come and walk the Spiral 
with us, and place your
Inner Light in the path of  
Life with loving care

Our Spiral of Light Ceremony takes place in December of each year. Please stay tuned to our blog or Facebook announcements for the exact date each year.

At 7:00 PM in the Sanctuary

Spiral of LightRekindling the light in  each  one of us at the darkest time of the year!

In the dark descent, we light a fire within. The spiral holds many secrets: sacred geometry, the spirit’s womb, vortexes, organic growth, even (and especially) the big bang and the shape of the unfolding Universe. Working with the spiral, your compassionate spirits can heal your deepest issues, and remake you in your divine perfection.

How the Spiral of Light Ceremony Works

Everyone takes a seat in a circle, surrounding the Spiral of Light. Our minister sets the tone of  spiritual healing, then invites each person to walk around the spiral and place their candle in the perfect spot for them.

Everyone sits in silence until all the candles are placed in the spiral. A closing prayer treatment is done and the ceremony ends.

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