I am a High-Wattage Broadcaster of Love

There is one God and only God.  Not my God and your God- ONE GOD and ONLY GOD.  God is harmony, chaos, light, dark, stillness, productive, yes – infinite everything. It follows logically that as God is all there is, we cannot be separate from God; therefore we are one with God.

I am a high-wattage broadcaster of love. The richness of love tastes luscious in my mouth, sounds sweet to my ears, is perceived as beautiful by my eyes, and is thought of as brilliant in my mind. As I broadcast love out, Love is reflected back to me in every aspect of the conditions manifesting in my life – health, relationship, finance, spiritual path, intelligent studies, government, and career. By directing the light energy of love to shine, any limits that I may have imagined are easily and gracefully dissolved. As this realization activates within our consciousness, I choose love to come into form as me. I now easily do what needs to be done, answering my unique call to be of service in wholeness and oneness. My heart is open; ever expanding in the world’s conscious community that is so very powerfully AWAKE now.

I give thanks that we embody and broadcast infinite Love!  I am grateful to know this truth of LOVE as our lives. We allow good to come from our experience. We freely forgive, let go. Releasing my Word to Law, we know Love points the way and the Law makes the way possible.

And so it is.


Rev Jessica Fish


“Begin to act from your dominion. Declare the truth by telling yourself that there is nothing to be afraid of, that you no longer entertain any images of fear.”       ~Ernest Holmes

How very wonderful it is, as I breathe into the eternal nowness of this moment, to recognize God as the Infinite Love Intelligence that governs the universe; to know that God is and God is all there is.  I am so very grateful to anchor in this Truth … to know that Spirit is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent … everywhere expressing Itself, all knowing, and all powerful.  In this recognition, I am aware that Spirit is right where I AM, expressing as my very life!  My life is a perfect and unique way that Spirit has recreated Itself, out of Itself, for its own fulfillment.  

It is in this awareness of ONENESS, from this consciousness of UNITY, that I speak my word of TRUTH declaring that all is well.  Knowing that Spirit is all there is, I see beyond illusion to what is Real, beyond the visible to the Infinite Invisible, beyond appearances to the Spiritual Truth of Life and the realization that there is NO THING to fear.  The Eternal Changeless power is creative and good, and It is that in which I move and have my Beingness.    I AM immersed in and surrounded by perfect life, perfect health, harmony and peace, absolute abundance, and all the good that GOD IS.  This absolute Truth sets me free from doubt, worry, fear, and I partake of the Divine Nature which is the Truth of my Being.  God only, only God.  God is, I AM.  All is well, my faith is strong.  I remain grateful and thankful for this knowingness, and I AM FREE!

 I give abundant thanks for knowing this Truth, and I release this word to that aspect of Infinite Intelligence known as Law, which always and only says YES!  So I know it is done.  It is so. 

And so it is, AMEN.  

Andrea Recht, RScP

Life is beautiful and whole!

Life: The animating Principle of Being…that Inner Something that makes everything live. Life is the power that binds everything together. (P.606 The Science of Mind -Glossary)

Life is the source of all that exists. Life is beautiful and whole; it is the maximum expression of love, abundance and perfect health. Life knows no boundaries and is forever present everywhere. This Life is also known as God and God’s life is my life now. I affirm that I am one with Life. It is the source of my existence, a source of love, abundance and perfect health. Life’s divine perfection manifests in me through me as me, and all around me. Knowing this to be the truth, I declare that my Life is perfect just as it is in this moment. I rejoice and celebrate that today is a magnificent day. I am blessed and I accept the opportunity to be an expression of Love. I am open and receptive to give and to receive love. I align myself with the truth that Life is good and very good. My thoughts and actions are the direct manifestation of the inner peace and harmony that I experience. I embrace the joy of Life. I affirm that my body is a loving expression of perfect health, energy and vitality. I give thanks for the gift of Life. I am grateful to know that everything that I need has already been given to me. I express my deep gratitude and love for Life. And so it is! Amen!

Ninoska Dueñas, RScP
Bilingual practitioner

 ¡La Vida es preciosa y plena!

VIDA: ¨El Principio vivificador de Ser…Ese Algo Interno que hace que todo viva. 

La vida es el poder que lo une todo. (P.606 Ciencia de la Mente ‘ Glosario)

Existe una Vida desde  la cual todo se origina.  Esta vida es preciosa y plena; la máxima expresión del amor, la abundancia y la salud perfecta. Esta vida es Dios y la vida De Dios es mi vida aquí y ahora. Todo lo que Dios es, yo soy porque Dios y yo somos uno. Sé que Dios es la fuente de mi existencia- fuente de amor y salud perfecta.  En mí se expresan todos los atributos de esta Vida. Con convicción, declaro que mi vida es perfecta tal y como es en este momento.  Me regocijo y celebro que hoy es un día grandioso. Doy amor y recibo amor. En mi sólo se revelan pensamientos de paz y armonía. Todas mis acciones son expresión de bondad y generosidad para conmigo misma y los demás. Disfruto de la vida y gozo de salud perfecta. Mi cuerpo es la expresión divina de energía, vitalidad y fortaleza de amor. Doy gracias por este nuevo día, por esta oportunidad de abrazar y vivir la alegría de la vida. Sé que todo lo que necesito ya se me ha dado.   Doy gracias por mi vida. Y  así es! Amén!

Ninoska Dueñas, RScP

Practicante Bilingüe 


“It is like the sunlight of Eternal Truth, bursting through the clouds of obscurity and bathing all of life in glory.” ~ERNEST HOLMES

I know that there is one infinite life of good. This powerful energy of divine perfection is everywhere present and I am one with it.

Today I open and surrender to the divine flow of life. I relax in the peace and serenity of wholeness. I allow good to come to me from expected and unexpected sources. I am filled with gratitude in the ease and grace of divine inner guidance. All is well in my life and being! I now experience the grace of God!

I release my word to the Law of Mind thankful for knowing that it is so.

And so it is!!

Suzanne Jensen RScP



“When the law of circulation is retarded, stagnation results.” ~ Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind

There is only one Source and that Source lives within all. I live in an Abundant Universe that operates on the premise that each of us is a single point of power and Creation. The Law of Circulation is always in effect: Knowing who I am, that I am a unique individualization of life as well as each and everyone one of us.

 What we give, we receive. I am knowing that there is only One Divine Presence, one Infinite Being of wonder and joy that freely says “YES” to our creative requests. Knowing our thoughts and feelings are requests for creation, there is no blockage to the realization and acceptance of increased prosperity. I now choose increased prosperity and financial freedom. I am open and receptive to my good. Each generous action I express delivers wonder and joy to others and produces a conduit for the Infinite and Generous Spirit to send more. All channels are now open. All doors are now open. 

I am Grateful for knowing this, grateful for sharing this and grateful for receiving this, I release my word into The Creative Medium, knowing that it is so. And so it is!!

Sherry Gideons RScP