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“Life lies open to me—rich, full, abundant.” … Ernest Holmes from Science of Mind , pg 305

I know that the living, loving presence of the all good of God is right here right now. It is fully expressing Itself as infinite possibly in every aspect of my life. 

It embraces me in such a way that I feel loved and nourished.  I am consciously aware that perfect health and wholeness is at the core of my being. I accept this in such a way that the Peace that passes understanding flows lovingly through me. Every aspect of my life is blessed by this goodness. I am healthy, I am joyous, I am prosperous, and I am free.

It is with deep, loving gratitude that I give thanks to God for these blessings. I accept them and just allow them to be by releasing my Word to Law.


Rosalie Bate RScP

I Enjoy Financial Prosperity

“Know that the greater abundance of every good thing which you are bringing out in your life, the more perfectly you are satisfying the Divine Urge within you.” Ernest Holmes,The Science of Mind.

There is one Universal Spirit, one Creative Mind that creates all.  It creates me, supports me and expresses through me, as me.  I am one with Universal Spirit, and I allow It to flow through me with no resistance.  It is the unlimited Source and Supply of all that is.  I open my heart to receive and appreciate Its lavish abundance.

Spirit provides all that I need and more.  I align my thoughts with the unlimited Power of the One and know that I am the beneficiary of unlimited abundance.  The wealth of Source flows freely through me and supports me with financial prosperity.  My consciousness of wealth expands daily; everything I touch prospers.  I bring love and a positive attitude to everything I do.  I stand in the midst of eternal opportunity, which is forever presenting me with evidence of its full expression.  I radiate health, wealth, love, creative expression, happiness and joy.  My consciousness is wide open to the Resources of the Universe, which flow unimpeded through me.  I am a magnet to my higher good; money flows in my life; I am prosperous.  My money is a source of good for myself and others; my prosperity prospers others as well as myself.

I gratefully receive and give thanks for all this good and more flowing into my experience.  I release my word to Law of Mind, knowing it is already so.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Schneider

I Am Secure Today

Every negative thought or condition is erased from my experience and I walk in the joy of ever-increasing good. Ernest Holmes

God is where I am, and in this Presence, I am secure today. I move in ease and grace with the Oneness of Gods’ Love and Joy. I live and breathe with gratitude as I witness all of God’s creations.

Today I view my world as an observer without any emotional charge or judgment. I observe each event as an opportunity to see my world in a different way.

I release all fear of the future and live in this present moment with gratitude. I count my blessings and the ever-increasing good of health, career, relationships, and money.

I make time to help others and share my abundance of love and friendship with others. I communicate my thoughts with compassion and love. I live my life in that space of highest vibration, always mindful I am a reflection of God.

With gratitude, I count all my blessings and give thanks for all the good that surrounds this day. I give thanks for all the love of this beautiful now moment that fills me with peace and security.

In this place of deep knowing God Is, I am, I release my words to the Universe.

And So It Is

Wayne McDonald RScP