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How To Develop Intuition- with our Healing Support Group

My daughter recently drove non-stop to Dallas, TX for a book lovers convention. She was gone for about 10 more days and did the non-stop drive back from Dallas. Nowadays, with cell phones, texting, and posting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I pretty much knew what she was doing and that she was OK. But we’re never out of touch because of something else- Mother’s intuition.

Intuition is about knowing without a rational explanation. We all have it. It is installed in our DNA.

Ernest Holmes says that spiritual intuition is that part of the human mind, which knows without knowing why it knows, and without being able to ex­plain why what it knows is so. Science of Mind teaches that our conscious connection with the indwelling Spirit opens avenues of intuition.

Intuition is nothing less than God in us, silently awaiting our recognition and cooperation.

Intuition is not a psychic gift. It has nothing to do with reading thoughts, cards, runes, or channeling. Although, Ernest Holmes admits that psychic ability increases as a person deepens their spiritual practice.

Intuition is not a byproduct of enlightenment- it is an instantaneous and spontaneous insight that is revealed to us directly from the Mind of Spirit.

Every person has the ability to commune with Inner Spirit and every person receives his or her unique intuitional answers because the mind we use is the mind of the universe. That is God and it is only through that Mind that we understand it is God. It is God speaking and God answering, in a ­certain sense.

Each one of us has immediate access to the Intelligence of the Universe. Divine Mind has placed an inner guide at the center of everyone’s being, an intuition that causes us to feel, with complete certainty that everything will be all right.

In our teaching we have a tool that strengthens our intuition- visioning. It is one of the three tools we use in our Healing Support Group, which happens every second Sunday of the month in the Sanctuary at 1:00 pm.

There is one side of us that has never entered the shadow of doubt. I invite anyone who has an issue that they are struggling with to come to the Healing Support Group for the opportunity to connect with direct perception of truth of the situation.

There is a light in us that knows the answer — and that is intuition. It is a space where we can be free from all our perceived obstruction and know that we are one with God.

And with God, all things are possible.

Thank you!

We’re here to WAKE UP

I was talking with one of my practitioner classmates yesterday. We talked about how far we’ve come in our spiritual practice. Specifically we talked about books, like our Science Of Mind textbook, that we read 15 years ago, highlighting the passages that spoke to us back then and how different the teaching feels now.

Fact is that spiritual principle does not change. IT is what I believe about spiritual principle that changes, deepens with my years of spiritual practice.

Our life purpose is to wake up- realize our true nature. That is why I love Centers for Spiritual Living- because the basis of our community is to AWAKEN TO OUR SPIRITUAL MAGNIFICENCE.

We use the Science of Mind teaching to put structure around what already is our life- God, love, life. We’re in it for the higher consciousness.

Science of Mind is not about manifestation or condition changing. I know that but several months ago, I tested positive for a condition (myasthenia gravis) that I don’t like, I don’t want. I admit I did many spiritual mind treatments wanting to change the diagnosis. I even made them retest me.

But here’s the deal- My life is not about condition. There are glorious parts of my life that I like and some pretty messy juicy parts that I don’t like. Today I know my life is loving God. I love God- That is my life. That is our life- God’s life.

I have a diagnosis, I am not that diagnosis. I have teeth, I am not my teeth. I have lived 60+ years on the planet, I am not old. Etc., etc., etc. You get the picture.

Our life is the life of God, Buddha nature, Christ Consciousness, Divine Solar Presence, Atman. Whatever we call it. Ernest Holmes says we should just call it you. When I first came to Science of Mind, that idea was kind of scary- we live the life of God – in and through us. I was used to having a middleman!

But that’s not it- our life is about waking up to the reality that we’re surrounded by magnificent love, by God every moment of our lives.  We’re here to be love, to be whole.

We’re on this spiritual path to grow up fully, to absolutely realize our Oneness with God. We wake up to connect with the Divine Intelligence that we already are. It’s not like some intelligence that’s going to be transplanted into us.

When we wake up to our wholeness—which can be described as being completely at home in our world no matter how difficult the situation—it’s because we allow something that’s already in us to be nurtured.

We wake up to our conscious awareness that GOD IS ALL THERE IS, we allow it to radiate, instead of all the time shielding it and protecting it and keeping it buried.

Trungpa Rinpoche says, “It’s not about cultivating one part of yourself and rejecting another, but about simply looking openly at ourselves just as we are.” Knowing that “JUST AS WE ARE” is the flow of God, never separate from God.”

When Jesus asked, “Will you be made whole?”, we answer- YES!!

When we awaken to our spiritual magnificence, when we realize we are a Divine Idea, always have been a divine idea and always will be a divine idea, we are restored to a condition of wholeness that we already are.

Thank you!

How I Found God in Solar

I love this teaching – I love this teaching because I found the tools to really awaken to my spiritual magnificence – to really understand union with God and to understand that God is always with us. That concept that God is always with us and that our lives unfold to the extent that we believe that God is always with us is a good one to get, right?

But God, First Cause is invisible. Ernest Holmes reminds us that bringing God into the visible is the invisible taking temporary form.

This year, I realized this in a profound way.

I got solar. Been researching it forever. I’m the kind of person who thinks they should pay me to rent my roof to generate power.  Way back in September 2014, I found a company that practically gives it to me.

I went through the process of surveying my property for best placement- I mean, if you can’t do solar in the desert, where can you do solar??

Panels were installed late November 2014 and then I had to go through a long process of inspections and getting permission from the power company to connect to their grid. Their grid acts like a battery for me- my extra power I generate but don’t use during the day goes into the SCE grid, who then gets given back to me at night when I need it.

On January 20, 2015 at night when I got home, I found out I had permission to connect to the SCE grid so the morning of January 2, right at sunrise, I turned on the panels and connected to the grid. I WAS EXCITED!

There’s an app I can access to show me real time how much power I’m generating. And on the Southern California Edison side, I can log into my account and see all the power I give back to the grid. The first week, I was obsessive about checking that app practically every hour- I’m astonished by how much power gets generated even on the cloudy days we have.

So I have a power plant on my roof, pulling sunlight in and generating power. It was always there available to me; I just had to bring it into form. Oh, and get this- the whole time between November 2014 when the system was installed and I got permission in January 2015 to connect to the grid, THE SYSTEM WAS GENERATING POWER – it just didn’t have a place to express it into!!

I ‘m thinking to self – isn’t that just like GOD and me?!?! God is always available to us, expressing as and through us. We just have to connect, we have to be aware of our connection but GOD’S THERE, OUR CONNECTION TO GOD IS THERE, WHETHER WE ARE AWARE OR NOT.

There is no separation from us and God. PERIOD.

Thank you!

Don’t Pray for Rain, Pray Rain, the Thing Itself.

Rain 6565065011_7d3988bef0_oIt is said that Ernest Holmes summarized the science of consciousness in three short sentences:

1. “Life is one perfect Wholeness.”

2. “The Universe is a Unit.”

3. “God is one.”

There is nothing outside of God. There is not God and something. In other words, there is never anything separate from God. Any experience of separation is the result of distorted perception. Science of Mind teaches that all distortion of perception can be healed. “Change your thinking, Change your life.”

Because our perceptions determine the nature and quality of our experience, we cannot experience what we do not perceive.  So we do our Spiritual Mind Treatment from the consciousness that we already have what we want – we just need to realize it.

It’s kind of like that phenomena when a person goes to the bank for a loan saying they lack money, the bank will turn them down but turn around and throw all sorts of credit cards at another person who doesn’t ask because that person has all the money they need.

Why You Must Pray From The Thing Itself

That contrast of praying for something and praying from the thing itself is Ernest Holmes’ distinction between having faith in God and having the faith of God. We can begin to pray from prosperity, pray from health, pray from right relationships, and pray from perfect creativity.

This is the great mystery of life. When I started reading Ernest Holmes’ book Science of Mind I felt all tangled up in my perceived paradox. I was praying for enlightenment, which I couldn’t be, until I prayed from already being enlightenment!

I know we’re all clear on the ultimate truth that we are living the life of God, as God.

How to Pray Rain for the California Drought

I invite all of us to take on a condition to be healed, for example, the drought in California.

We can’t dismiss the drought as if it did not exist in our experience.

Holmes acknowledged such conditions to be real – “as real as they are supposed to be.” Rather than proclaim that the drought or any condition is unreal, Holmes says that we must “turn from the condition” and instead know that wholeness is always right here, even where the condition is. The faith of God blesses the drought for the gift of truth that it obscures, and which the blessing reveals.

The native Americans do not pray for rain; they pray rain; they pray from rain.

Let’s do this! Close your eyes and know rain,

smell rain,

hear rain,

breathe rain,

taste rain,

feel the water filling up our reservoirs, know the truth of having enough water to share and spare.

Be water,

drink water,

let water shower over you,

float luxuriously supported in water.

Be water.

We are all expressing God-consciousness into form.

Keep breathing in and out and allow J.D Martin’s musical inspiration in the video below to wash over you.

The above post is from a Five Minute Talk presented on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night at the Granada Hills Center for Spiritual Living. Talks are given by Licensed CSL Practitioners who invest at least four years in learning and applying these concepts and ideas in their daily life. For more talk topics like this one, please join us at our Center for one of our Sunday services or for our Wednesday evening service at 7 PM.


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