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Transformation of the Uncluttered Mind

“The greatest need of our time is to clean out the enormous mass of mental and emotional rubbish that clutters our minds.”  ~Thomas Merton~

“If your only goal is to love, there is no such thing as failure. ~Richard Rohr~

I embrace my experience today for I know it is Spirit at work in me. I am one with Mind that divinely guides and directs this experience. 

The whole Universes arises to say yes to that which is mine to be and mine to do. The time for the “fall house-cleaning” of my mind is now…this beautiful now where transformation and realization are held in my heart…to be released for magnificent manifestation. I am willing and I welcome this divine guidance for I know that the more clutter and rubbish I am able to release, space is now available for more joy and kindness to emanate through me.  I make space for love.

I call forth these demonstrations to be meaningful and measurable and I am grateful that the gift of generosity is granted—given without exception–and is part of my daily experience. My life is God’s life now!

and so it is….Amen

Rev Jeanne Hoffman

I am Guided to New Good

The one seeking to demonstrate the power of spiritual realization in everyday affairs should believe in Divine Guidance. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, Page 167.

Bring it on, my next thing to do, everything different, everything true. Daniel Nahmood song, Everything New

I recognize that there is One Power, One Creative Intelligence, and I choose to call that God. God is creativity, guidance, and receptivity. I am One with God; therefore, I am creativity, guidance, and receptivity.

I accept that new good into my life. As the world is quickly changes, I gracefully flow with it. I release any old ideas, beliefs, or actions that no longer serve me. I affirm that change is good, and I am open to new ways of creating a wonderful life. I am creative and innovative on new ways to create happiness and prosperity. I am Divinely guided, creative, and inspired, and living a life that I’ve always desired! The activity of God prevails in all that I do. I am engaging in new activities where I feel happy and fulfilled. I am now open and receptive to a wonderful life, excited about new experiences.

I give thanks for the creativity, guidance, and receptivity that I am experiencing right now. I am so I am creating new good in my life.

I release my word to the Law, knowing it is so. And so it is Amen.

Rev Kathy Lyons