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“Love is at the Center of our Being, and the calm, continuous pulsations of Life are governed by Love” ~Ernest Holmes.   

It is with a grateful heart that I breathe into the awareness that GOD IS.  I breathe in God, I breathe out God; and I know that everything in between is GOD.  God Only … Only God.  There is no other power.  It is omniscient … all knowing.  It is omnipotent … all powerful.  It is omnipresent … everywhere expressing.  It is perfect peace, divine love, the purest joy, absolute perfection, and it is right where I AM.  My life is the life of God.  Infinite Intelligence, wholeness, it is all right here, right now, expressing as my life.  

In this consciousness of ONENESS, from this place of KNOWING, I speak my word declaring and announcing that peace and love emanate from my being and flow out to the world unobstructed.  There is a perfect stream of love consciousness and joy that exudes from me to all, lifting those about me and within my consciousness in a peace that passes human understanding.  This current of all good and only good spreads across space and time and, absolute and unhindered, soothes all seeming wounds and the appearance of separation, and a greater sense of ONENESS is realized by all.  Unity is NOW.  Peace is NOW.  Wholeness is NOW.  Love is NOW.  

With a heart overflowing with gratitude, I give thanks knowing this Word of Truth falls upon a Law of Mind which only and always says “YES”!  And so I let it be.  It is done.  It is so.

And So It is. 


Andrea Recht, RScP

Oración para un Nuevo Comienzo

Qué maravilloso es reconocer que este es un nuevo comienzo y una oportunidad para abrazar la verdad de que hay una Vida quees perfecta, total y completa;  esta Vida está presente en todo lo visible e invisible;  Es la fuente del amor, la paz, la sabiduríainfinita, la plenitud y la abundancia y es la Creadora de todas las cosas;  esta Vida es Dios.

Qué maravilloso es afirmar que este día glorioso me ofrece un nuevo momento para recordar una vez más quién soy: unaexpresión divina de amor, paz, plenitud, abundancia y sabiduríainfinita;  para saber que todo lo que Dios es, yo soy. 

Qué maravilloso es reclamar la perfecci

n divina de este magnífico día que se desarrolla en mi vida como la experienciaperfecta del amor. 

Declarar que esta es también la verdadespiritual para cada persona en mi entorno, en mi familia, en mi comunidad y en el mundo entero. 

Creer firmemente que el Espíritu Divino está siempre trabajando en todos mis asuntos;  Soy un instrumento de Dios siempre al servicio del amor y la paz para mí y para los demás. 

Sé que mis acciones estánalineadas con pensamientos de bondad, generosidad y compasión en todo lo que hago. 

Gratitud y solo gratitud me rodea en este momento presente.  Sé que soy infinitamente bendecida porque siempre se da de acuerdo a mi creencia..  Doy gracias por este nuevo comienzo.  ¡Con Amor todo es posible! 

¡Gracias Dios!

Y así es!  

Ninoska Dueñas RScP

A Prayer for a New Beginning 

How wonderful it is to recognize that this is a new beginning and an opportunity to embrace the truth that there is a Life that is perfect whole and complete; this Life is present in everything visible and invisible; It is is the source of love, peace, infinite wisdom, wholeness and abundance and it is the creator of all things; this Life is God.

How wonderful it is to affirm that this  glorious day offers me a new moment to remember once more who I am – a divine expression of love, peace, wholeness, abundance and infinite wisdom; to know that all that God is, I am.

How wonderful it is to claim the divine perfection of this magnificent day unfolding in my life as the perfect experience of love.  To declare that this is also the spiritual truth for each person in my environment, in my family, in my community and in the entire world. To firmly believe that Divine Spirit is always at work in all of my affairs; I am an instrument of God always in service of love and peace for myself and others. I know that my actions are in alignment with thoughts of kindness, generosity and compassion in everything that I do.

Gratitude and only gratitude surrounds me in this present moment. I know that I am infinitely blessed as it is always done as I believe. I give thanks for this new beginning. With Love, all things are possible!

Thanks be to God!

 And so it is!

Ninoska Dueñas RScP

I am an instrument of love and peace!

There is only one power, one presence. This presence is God, all knowing and available to all.  Peace, beauty, love, wholeness, and abundance are the attributes of this divine presence. God is indeed all that there is. God is perfect, whole and complete. God is Life. 

Therefore, I am life. I am one with the infinite expression of love, peace, wholeness, beauty, and abundance.  

Today, I affirm that the love of God manifests itself through me as me in everything that I say, do, think, and feel. Today, I celebrate that I am an instrument of love, and peace with everyone I come in contact with; I feel love in me and around me. Today, I consciously embrace the present moment without judgement. The Infinite Intelligence within me guides every moment of my existence. Today, I am inspired to live a life of abundant joy, peace, and harmony; I declare that my actions are actions of love, kindness, and generosity.   I see and accept the highest and best as truth for myself and others; Today, I live in calm and peace. 

Today, I give thanks for all of my good and the wonderful opportunities that come to me knowing that all is well. I am so grateful for my life and I know that I am blessed beyond measure; I lovingly release my word to the Law of Mind. I let it be. 

And So it is!  Amen!
Ninoska Duenas RScP 

Being in Oneness and Truth

“We’ve learned to fly the air like birds, we’ve learned to swim the seas like fish, and yet we haven’t learned to walk the Earth as brothers and sisters.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

There is One Power operating. One Source. One Power that is in, within, and through all and everything. I choose complete oneness with the universal source knowing God is all there is.

This Oneness is whole, perfect and complete love, joy, abundance, and Light. This Power is the One Truth, and the only Truth. I have volition and dominion over all I choose to be from through the moments of today. Therefore, I expand, trust, impact and multiply love in the divine flow of light. I am completely immersed in the spirit of love and I breathe in and out complete oneness. All I see is a representation of God’s Love and light as one. I embrace the light of love in every moment and that light touches everything and everyone around me. I unite in knowing our Oneness and see the Unity in our Diversity as one.  We are One with the source of love.

I say, simply, thank you God. I place these words into the Law, which always says, ‘Yes. I give thanks for the awareness of Divine Love within all.

I release my words of love to the Law of Mind knowing in assurance, that the love of God has already made it so.

And so It is.


 Sherry Gideons RScP 

I Enjoy Financial Prosperity

“Know that the greater abundance of every good thing which you are bringing out in your life, the more perfectly you are satisfying the Divine Urge within you.” Ernest Holmes,The Science of Mind.

There is one Universal Spirit, one Creative Mind that creates all.  It creates me, supports me and expresses through me, as me.  I am one with Universal Spirit, and I allow It to flow through me with no resistance.  It is the unlimited Source and Supply of all that is.  I open my heart to receive and appreciate Its lavish abundance.

Spirit provides all that I need and more.  I align my thoughts with the unlimited Power of the One and know that I am the beneficiary of unlimited abundance.  The wealth of Source flows freely through me and supports me with financial prosperity.  My consciousness of wealth expands daily; everything I touch prospers.  I bring love and a positive attitude to everything I do.  I stand in the midst of eternal opportunity, which is forever presenting me with evidence of its full expression.  I radiate health, wealth, love, creative expression, happiness and joy.  My consciousness is wide open to the Resources of the Universe, which flow unimpeded through me.  I am a magnet to my higher good; money flows in my life; I am prosperous.  My money is a source of good for myself and others; my prosperity prospers others as well as myself.

I gratefully receive and give thanks for all this good and more flowing into my experience.  I release my word to Law of Mind, knowing it is already so.

And so it is.

Rev. Elizabeth Schneider