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Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill Perform in Granada Hills April 10th

Back by popular demand, Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill will perform at the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills on Friday, April 10th at 7 PM.

Mount Shasta keyboardist, harmonica and tabla player Anton Mizerak and singer Laura Berryhill will present an evening of Celtic songs, transformational healing music, and chants from around the world. Listen to a sample in the video below:

A love offering will be taken at the concert. Park on the street or in our lot directly behind our building.

Please join us in the sanctuary of our Center! Anton and Laura are two of our most popular performers.

We Are All Trust Fund Babies!

IN GOD WE TRUSTcollageYou all know what a Trust Fund Baby is, yes?

A young person whose parents are wealthy and have set up a trust for their son or daughter. The trust fund ensures that the child will be taken care of financially for life.


Recently I told the Wednesday Night “Practicing the Presence” crowd at the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills that we are all trust fund babies.  In fact, our trust fund is bigger than any financial trust fund that has ever been set up for a child. Because our source and supply of all life is God and we know that we are not separate from God,  we have an infinite trust fund at our disposal. Our trust fund has more than money in it – it has everything that God is – love, peace, joy, light, beauty, health, power, life, creativity. Literally, more than we can imagine.

The challenge is to have access to our trust fund when we need it.  And that has everything to do with our mindset. People who use the Science of Mind tools have better access to infinite Source because of how we live.  We create a mindset that has an easy access to God.

We are our own best way to our infinite trust fund.

We can live life feeling good- healthy, wealthy, and wise no matter what condition our lives look like. We know we were not sent into the world to live a defeated, sick, unhappy life. We are ordained for happiness, health and prosperity.

Science of Mind says we demonstrate according to the level of our own thinking. An unhappy person will reflect conditions of unhappiness. A person with poverty consciousness cannot accept prosperity. Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people, but not necessarily used by all people.  In Science of Mind we learn how to use our spiritual attributes. But it is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme; Science of Mind has never promised something for nothing. It does promise us that we manifest according to the nature of our consciousness.

The whole purpose of the universe is to grant us the very best. God ensures us that we are taken care of for life.  And, guess what? Our money reminds us all the time that we are Trust Fund Babies-


Do you want to hear more positive messages like this? Reverend Jessica is just one of the ministers who presides at the Center for Spiritual Living in Granada Hills. Come and join us for a Sunday or Wednesday service to hear more!

Wise Women Talk on Death, Dying and Donuts

Wise Women RevealingI’ve been attending the Wise Women Revealing talks at the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills on the first Saturday of the month. It’s a truly unique experience that I recommend to anyone who wants more self-realization and the experience of authentic discussion in their lives.

Wise Women Revealing talks are every first Saturday of the month from 9 to 10 AM. All are welcome – women and men both can benefit from the talks!

The Wise Women in the group are Reverend Nancy Woods, President of the Board Barbara Harrison, Licensed Practitioner Kathryn (Kitty) Hack, and Personal Transformation Specialist Sue Bryan. They’ve been getting together to open their hearts, go deep and use authentic communication for years. Their talks were so valuable to the four women, they thought they’d bring them to the public in the form of Wise Women Revealing Talks every month.

Think of the Wise Women Revealing Talks as a spiritual version of the TV show The View. The Wise Women set a mindful and open-heart tone as they begin the hour talk, and they discuss what they have been feeling and experiencing in recent days and weeks and what it all means to them. The audience just listens as the conversation twists and turns in different directions; there is no audience participation in the Wise Women Revealing Talks.

No topic is off-limits at Wise Women Revealing; the group has discussed family, children, relationships, self-esteem, work, authenticity, love and more. Last month the major topic was death and dying. The women had recently experienced the loss of a practitioner who trained at the Center and other friends and had a long discussion of how they’ve walked through losses of friends and family. Near the end of the hour, one of the women piped in with the fact that a recent day was “National Donut Day.”

Every single time I’ve attended the Wise Women Revealing Talks, I’ve had a revelation (if not many). There is always something to relate to, and it is truly a unique experience to hear these spiritual women speak their truth and bring more love into the world.

Join the Wise Women Revealing every Saturday morning at 9 AM in the Sanctuary of the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills. The talk lasts for one hour and a love donation is appreciated. Call us at 1-818-363-8136 or use our contact form to ask any questions you might have.