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New Year – New Intentions: Creating New Good

New Intentions for New YearThis blog post, New Year – New Intentions, is taken from a 5 minute talk or Creative Thought by Reverend Kathy Lyons, given at the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills during one of the services. Her creative thought is followed by her Affirmative Prayer Treatment for New Year’s Intentions

“We have been given the ability to initiate a new chain of causation. There is but One mind and we use It. The laws of nature are universal, but our use of them is individual and personal.”

Ernest Holmes, 365 Science of Mind, thought for January 1

Here it is a brand new year – 2016. Although I enjoy the holiday celebrations, I also like it when the year closes; I put away the holiday decorations and return to a normal routine.

The New Year is starting out fresh and is a promise of new beginnings and a time to set new intentions. December 21 is the darkest day of the year. In the new year, the days gradually become longer. In the winter when I’m driving to work, the sun is just starting to rise. I think, “It’s the dawn of a new day.” In January, it is the dawn of a new year – a time to release what no longer serves me, and set new intentions for 2016.

Letting Go of the Old

The first step in a new year is to release anything that no longer serves us. Catherine Ponder calls this the Vacuum Law of Prosperity. Nature abhors a vacuum, so once we release what we don’t need; something new will fill in the space.

The vacuum law presented itself to me over a year ago with my computer. My email box got so full that I could no longer receive new emails. I had to delete hundreds of messages – most of which were of no interest to me. Most were advertisements or spam mail. Once I cleaned out the message box, I was able to receive new messages. The same principle exists not only for material possession, but with outworn beliefs, feelings, or habits.

If we desire to make a change in our life, we must release the belief that it is not possible, or that we are not worthy. To make room for love in our life, it may be necessary let go of any anger or resentment we may be harboring. For better health, it would be releasing a habit such as snacking in front of the television.

Set an Intention for What You Desire

“Thou shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee and the light shall shine on thy ways.”

–Job 22:28

Now that you have released what you don’t want, it’s important to focus you what you do desire. You can begin by asking yourself, “What are your values?” A value is something is that is important to us and to our life. From values, we set our intentions. Deepak Chopra said “Intent is a single-minded purpose. It is not countermanded by any other conflicting desires or interests.”

Usually, goals come from the following areas of life – health, relationships, finances, and career. Determine your values in these areas, which will help decipher what you desire. For example, for me, a comfortable home is an important value. Thus, I set the intention to pay for double pane windows for my home this year.

Write down your desires, and not only envision them, but feel what it would be like when you accomplish your goals. Three years ago, when I was recovering from hip replacement surgery, I imagined what it would feel like to be walking comfortably. I’m sure that contributed to my speedy recovery. To quote Stephen Covey, “Begin with the end in mind.” For additional support in setting a new intention for a new goal, hire a licensed Center for Spiritual Practitioner for support. Practitioners are also available at the conclusion of our Sunday service for a free, “1-Minute Miracle.”

Moving Forward

What next? Of course, moving your feet! In prayer and meditation, be open to guidance for a plan of action. Have the courage to step out of your comfort zone, and do it! As Mary Morrissey says, “Vision without action is merely entertainment.”

Blessings for a Wonderful New Year!

Reverend Kathy Lyons

Treatment for New Year’s Intentions

Affirmative Prayer Treatment is a form of prayer used by Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science and author of The Science of Mind as well as many other metaphysical works. A treatment is focused on a positive outcome rather than a negative situation. If you want to manifest a certain condition (perfect health, wealth, or relationships for example), say the treatment out loud as the truth, knowing that it is so!

“I recognize that there is One Power, One Universal Intelligence, and I choose to call that God. God is love and companionship; health and vitality; financial wealth and abundance; creativity and right livelihood. I am One with this Intelligence; therefore I am health and vitality; financial wealth and abundance; creativity and right livelihood.

This is the dawning of a New Year, and I am open to new, exciting good in my life. I am free from outworn beliefs, ideas, things, or activities that no longer serve me. This year is a clean slate, a blank canvas, where I set new intentions on my highest values. Now, I am living in the present moment, creating my highest and best in all areas of my life – loving relationships and companions; optimum health and vitality; financial freedom, wisdom, and wealth; and creative fulfillment. Also, my decisions are not only in my highest good, but for the highest good of all. I support others and others support me.

My Divine Plan is now unfolding. As I set my intention, I am guided on taking the perfect plan of action, and I do it with ease. My confidence soars as I move forward with my purpose.

I give thanks that all my intentions that are demonstrating in my life right now. I am so happy and grateful to be experiencing perfect health, loving relationships, financial abundance, and creative expression right now. I release my word into the Law, knowing it is so. And so it is.”

Reverend Kathy Lyons

Photo from Flickr by Michael Seeley. Some Rights Reserved.

Another Spiritual Bypass on Taking Right Action

Bypass 4552890_fb78745e6b_bIn my last blog post, I shared my story about not doing a spiritual bypass around the car accident I was in. I stayed in the present moment, not trying to fix my pain with spiritual treatment.

I explained that spiritual bypass is when I will do just about anything to keep from feeling difficult emotions. In the case of the car accident, I thought I could treat and know that I was perfect, whole, and complete and then just drive on to work after i had been rear-ended at a high velocity, just because I was able to walk and breathe.

But today I want to talk about another spiritual bypass. I’m telling you, this car accident is such a blessing for being a place of great spiritual growth.

So now I’m in physical therapy and going to a chiropractor and a CranioSacral therapist for the injuries I experienced during the car accident. With each treatment, I feel healthy, all relaxed, and all floaty-in-a cloud great.

But, each therapist gives me homework- like physical exercises to strengthen my neck and shoulders, instructions on icing and heating, lose weight, and cutting out sugar.

Last week, when I looked at the three pages of exercises the physical therapist gave me to do, I thought to myself, “Can’t someone else do the exercises for me and let me have the healing? Can’t some one else lose the weight for me?” It was like I wanted some version of a Dorian Grey portrait in my back room to be doing all the work and I’d just return to normal, feeling perfect, whole, and complete. Poof! Like that.

That is the other spiritual bypass I tried to do last week- where I perverted Science of Mind principle to think that all I needed to do is treat for myself. Thinking that if I knew the truth strongly enough, I could just continue along as if the accident hadn’t happened, and I wasn’t injured. It was like I was treating to be able to defy the law of gravity and fly on my own volition, bypassing the action that God can only do through me.

In Science of Mind, we have a saying: “Treat and move your feet.”

Yes, we pray and know wholeness, but then we must move heaven and earth in the way of action to bring wholeness about.  Ernest Holmes said that Science of Mind does not promise something for nothing. He did say, however, that if we comply with the Law, the Law complies with us. The mind must conceive before the Creative Energy can produce; yes! But I must be the avenue through which God can work. God is ready and willing; it is Its nature to spring into being through my thought and action.

Will I get my healing if I do spiritual mind treatment but don’t do the exercises on my own? Maybe, probably, but it will take a lot longer. By doing the exercises,  I am taking responsibility for my own healing, allowing Spirit to work through me.

Thank you!

This 5 Minute Talk was presented at the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills during one of our services by Rev. Jessica FIsh. Talks are always given by a Science of Mind Licensed Practitioner. For more talks like this and to learn about the Science of Mind, please visit our Center’s website and plan to attend one of our Sunday or Wednesday night services.


Photo by Br3nda on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.