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Another Spiritual Bypass on Taking Right Action

Bypass 4552890_fb78745e6b_bIn my last blog post, I shared my story about not doing a spiritual bypass around the car accident I was in. I stayed in the present moment, not trying to fix my pain with spiritual treatment.

I explained that spiritual bypass is when I will do just about anything to keep from feeling difficult emotions. In the case of the car accident, I thought I could treat and know that I was perfect, whole, and complete and then just drive on to work after i had been rear-ended at a high velocity, just because I was able to walk and breathe.

But today I want to talk about another spiritual bypass. I’m telling you, this car accident is such a blessing for being a place of great spiritual growth.

So now I’m in physical therapy and going to a chiropractor and a CranioSacral therapist for the injuries I experienced during the car accident. With each treatment, I feel healthy, all relaxed, and all floaty-in-a cloud great.

But, each therapist gives me homework- like physical exercises to strengthen my neck and shoulders, instructions on icing and heating, lose weight, and cutting out sugar.

Last week, when I looked at the three pages of exercises the physical therapist gave me to do, I thought to myself, “Can’t someone else do the exercises for me and let me have the healing? Can’t some one else lose the weight for me?” It was like I wanted some version of a Dorian Grey portrait in my back room to be doing all the work and I’d just return to normal, feeling perfect, whole, and complete. Poof! Like that.

That is the other spiritual bypass I tried to do last week- where I perverted Science of Mind principle to think that all I needed to do is treat for myself. Thinking that if I knew the truth strongly enough, I could just continue along as if the accident hadn’t happened, and I wasn’t injured. It was like I was treating to be able to defy the law of gravity and fly on my own volition, bypassing the action that God can only do through me.

In Science of Mind, we have a saying: “Treat and move your feet.”

Yes, we pray and know wholeness, but then we must move heaven and earth in the way of action to bring wholeness about.  Ernest Holmes said that Science of Mind does not promise something for nothing. He did say, however, that if we comply with the Law, the Law complies with us. The mind must conceive before the Creative Energy can produce; yes! But I must be the avenue through which God can work. God is ready and willing; it is Its nature to spring into being through my thought and action.

Will I get my healing if I do spiritual mind treatment but don’t do the exercises on my own? Maybe, probably, but it will take a lot longer. By doing the exercises,  I am taking responsibility for my own healing, allowing Spirit to work through me.

Thank you!

This 5 Minute Talk was presented at the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills during one of our services by Rev. Jessica FIsh. Talks are always given by a Science of Mind Licensed Practitioner. For more talks like this and to learn about the Science of Mind, please visit our Center’s website and plan to attend one of our Sunday or Wednesday night services.


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Science of Mind 101 Class is Starting – Please Join Us!

The Thing ItselfAre you interested in the Science of Mind philosophy taught by Centers for Spiritual Living? Do you want to increase your spiritual practice with like-minded people?

The next Science of Mind 101 class – The Thing Itself – is getting started at the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills (CSLGH). All are welcome, and there are a few spaces left! Learn more about the class here.

The first class session already took place on Thursday, September 17; it was an overview. You can still join us now by calling 1-818-363-8136 to register.

September 17 – November 5, 2015
7:00 – 9:30 PM
17622 Chatsworth Street
Granada Hills, California 91344

In this 8-week class you will learn about spiritual law and how it can work in your life. You will begin to practice the creative process and learn how, by changing your thoughts, you can change your life.

Science of Mind 101 The Thing Itself Class Details:

Register by calling 1-818-363-8136.

See class pricing here.

The 8-week class begins Thursday, September 17, 2015, and goes through Thursday, November 5.

The class meets from 7:00 – 9:30 PM. CSLGH classes meet in Sparks Fellowship hall, which is down the hall to the right from the front door or straight ahead from the back door accessed from our parking lot. Parking is on the street (please pay attention to parking time restrictions) and in the lot directly behind the Center.

We hope you will join this class! Many class attendees say that the classes and workshops have helped them grow personally and spiritually, and allowed them to meet great people!

For more information about The Science of Mind 101 class and other educational and personal growth opportunities at The Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills, email us or call us at 1-818-363-8136.


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New Summer Sangha Community Starts at CSL Granada Hills July 15

Liberation is in the MindA new six-week Sangha class is starting this summer at the Center for Spiritual Living Granada Hills on Wednesday, July 15, at 9:30 AM!

What is a sangha? Why should you attend? Learn more about sanghas in our previous post here.

Rev. Jeanne Hoffman has picked out six subjects for us to explore through video, writing, and discussion. The subjects are somewhat controversial, so this Sangha is sure to include some meaningful dialogue!

Remember to bring beginner’s mind along with respect and confidentiality for all who share.

We hope to see you on the 15th when this Sangha begins. Sign up in advance by calling our Center at 1-818-363-8136 or by adding your name to the sign-up list in Sparks Fellowship Hall.

We meet in the sanctuary. PLEASE BE ON TIME so that you are a part of setting the intention for our time together (it begins at 9:30 sharp; arrive earlier to find parking and find your perfect seat) .

We will break in approximately one hour from our start time, so anyone who needs to move their car can do so. Please consider carpooling if that is an option for you.

For more information about our Sangha community and other classes, workshops, and opportunities to join our CSLGH community, please call call our Center at 1-818-363-8136 or use our contact form to send an email.

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