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“The world has been abnormal for so long that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to live in a peaceful and reasonable climate. If there is to be any peace or reason, we have to create it in our own hearts and homes.” ~Madeleine L’Engle from A SWIFTLY TILTING PLANET

I am uplifted to fully realize that there is only one life, that life is the life of God, and my life is that life of God. While it may not feel that way 100% of the time, IT IS SO 100% of the time.

I do not do a spiritual bypass by ignoring condition that brings me to my absolute breaking point. Ernest Holmes says: “In the Science of Mind, we do not say everything is all right, when it is all wrong. We do not say peace, when there is no peace, but rather we discover what is wrong and why we do not have peace.” So I embrace it all simultaneously– the peace that passes human understanding and the chaos that feels like life right now. This is the wholeness of my life as God’s life.

This week I just let it be- all of it- without judgment, criticism, or manipulation. I ask myself, “What is mine to do? Have I done that?” and if my answer is no, I do it; if the answer is yes, then I just BE. From this beingness, I see fear turn to love. Living in my loving heart and home, I choose to see my world as a world that works for everyone and a life that works for each of us.

I see politicians, business people, spiritual/religious leaders, news media, sports teams, social activists, essential workers, and all medical personnel cooperating to create the highest good FOR ALL now.

The more I talk about infinite peace of mind, the stronger it grows in consciousness, and as I persist in thinking peaceful thoughts and speaking peaceful words, I bring into my experience the feeling of the great unlimited nature of the Divine that is beyond description.

I am grateful to know this Truth of wholeness as my life. I relax knowing that Love points the way, and Law makes the way possible. I release my Word to the Law, allowing it to be.

And so it is.

Rev Jessica Fish

Treatment for Perfect Health

Health is the greatest of human blessings. ~Hippocrates

God is all there is. God is everywhere, in everything, omnipresent and omnipotent. There is no duality, only unity, simply God.

I am one with God. God lives in me, through me, as me. God is perfection, radiant health and well-being. Therefore, I am perfect radiant health. God is the whole health of every cell and organ in my body. God knows no pain, for God is perfection. God is limitless well-being. God is harmony and balance. 

There is no area in my body that the perfection of God does not exist. God is divine perfection and that divine perfect is flowing within every cell of my body in every moment.  My body remembers wellness.  My body is a perfect expression of divine whole health. Every single cell of body function as perfect health. I feel good, I feel healthy, I feel energized, I feel whole, I feel balanced. I am relaxed. I affirm perfect health. All is well with me.

I am so grateful for this body, and that it helps me experience joy in every area of my life.  I am grateful for the Law that takes every declaration of health and brings it to manifestation.

I release my word to the Law, knowing that I experience complete and full well-being.

And so it is.

Sherry Gideons, RScP


“ If we recognize At-One-Ment with Infinite Mind, we realize that we have at our command the power, the intelligence and all the strength of the Universe.” …Augusta E. Rundel

I know that there is One Mind, that Mind is God, that Mind is my Mind. I know that God is all action, power and Presence. I live today in conscious contact with divine Presence.   

In recognition of oneness, fresh new ideas effortlessly come to me. United with life, I now know fuller ways of living. Aligned now with the Spirit within, I am in flow with the all powerful, all knowing, energy of life!  I am always divinely guided! A pervading sense of infinite peace now fills my heart and permeates my being. I am wholeness! I am the Light of life! 

All negative thoughts or conditions drop and fall away. This power of One calls forth greater and greater harmony, love, prosperity and well-being into my life, the life of all.  I expect and enjoy ever increasing good. I am always immersed in infinite love! I am free! I am blessed! I am grateful!! 

In thankful acceptance of all that I declare, I release my word to the Law and let it be so. And so it is!!!

Suzanne Jensen RScP

I am ONE with Spirit

“On this sacred path of Radical Acceptance, rather than striving for perfection, we discover how to love ourselves into wholeness.”…Tara Brach

There is one God and only God.  Not my God and your God- ONE GOD and ONLY GOD.  God is harmony, chaos, light, dark, stillness, productive, yes – infinite everything. It follows logically that as God is all there is, we cannot be separate from God; therefore, we are one with God.

I accept that we live in a harmonious world that works for everyone. Until we do the work inside, we don’t see a harmonious world outside. So, TODAY I declare that my way of being is AS ME- the consciousness of oneness with source. I may flow into the other ways of being – TO ME victim consciousness, BY ME taking responsibility for being the creator of my life, THROUGH ME allowing Spirit to work through me, but TODAY I boldly accept that my way of being is ONE WITH SPIRIT, with absolutely no separation in any aspect of my life. I live my life wholly AS SPIRIT AS ME.

I give thanks that we embody and radiate infinite Love!  I am grateful to know this truth of LOVE as our lives. We allow good to come from our experience as Spirit. We freely forgive, let go. Releasing my Word to Law, we are relaxed in Love without a doubt.  Love points the way and the Law makes the way possible.

And so it is.


Rev. Jessica Fish